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Genesis - French, weight 8 - 14 kg, height comparable with weight. Strong dog of small stature, short quadratic and snub nose. Naturally orthostatic ears, naturally short trail. He is very muscular, has a proper body composition and strong skeleton.

This dog manifests as an active, intelligent, sociable and very playful. It is good for children.

French bulldog has blood of small English bulldogs, which where taken from England in 1940 by English kayakers to France and improved by big breeding elegance and feeling.

Our station takes pains for well-balanced breeding and unrelated nexus. Our best success is world champion 2003 - Excalibur Brana Moravy and other lovely animals. These are mainly as a home pats.

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Aktualizace stránek - přidán průkaz původu psa Lolita Brána Moravy v sekci Chovná zvířata, doplněn Fotoarchiv o sekci Novinky.

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Připravujeme se  na novou výstavní sezónu kde se představí Noir Brána Moravy.

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